American Chemical Society
Central Ohio Valley Section

October Meeting


Tuesday, November 4
6:30 pm
Room 473 Science Building
Marshall University
Huntington, WV


This is the October meeting even though it is being held in November. We will be having a November meeting later in the month.

Dr. Frank Settle
Washington and Lee University
Lexington, VA
“The Role of Chemistry in Nuclear Power Generation”



In 2013 108 nuclear reactors generated 19.6% of electricity in the United States and 427 reactors met 10.8% of global electricity demands. Chemistry plays an important role in producing the fuel for these reactors and dealing with the spent fuel. This presentation will focus on the chemistry of the nuclear fuel cycle and the problems associated with nuclear waste and potential nuclear weapons proliferation. The impact of natural gas and renewable energy sources on nuclear power will be examined.

Speaker bio

Dr. Frank Settle received his B.S. in Chemistry from Emory and Henry College in 1960 and a Ph.D from the University of Tennessee , Knoxville in 1964. Dr. Frank Settle taught chemistry at VMI from 1964 to 1992 and at Washington and Lee from 1998 to 2012. He was also a program officer at the National Science Foundation for undergraduate education and a consultant to the Department of Energy for environmental issues at nuclear sites. While at W&L he developed a series of courses for liberal arts majors on nuclear history, weapons of mass destruction, and nuclear power. He presents lectures for the American Chemical Society and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Virginia. In 2005 he received the ACS Analytical Chemistry Division’s J. Calvin Giddins Award for excellence in education.



Revision of Section's Bylaws

The Section's Bylaws were last revised in 1977. There have been many changes in the national bylaws in that time period so we really need to update our bylaws. Updating our bylaws could open up the possibility of electronic ballots. Also, ACS has changed things related to student members so we need to address how the Section wants to address any local issues related to that. There are many other things that need to be updated.

The Executive Committee drafted a proposed set of new bylaws. These were submitted to the national Constitution and Bylaws Committee. They have reviewed the proposed bylaws and provided us with a version that meets all the requirements for the next step. At the September picnic meeting we had a motion for the adoption of the new bylaws. A copy of the proposed new bylaws was mailed to all members of the section (click here to see the proposed bylaws). The existing bylaws are also posted for comparison.

The actual vote to adopt the new bylaws will take place at the meeting of the Section on November 4. It is VERY IMPORTANT for us to have a good attendance at that meeting because we will need a quorum of one sixth of the members to be able to adopt the new bylaws. Sandwich boxes are being provided as an inducement to get people to attend.  In addition, if we have a quorum we will have drawing for door prizes.  There will be three Amazon gift certficates ($75, $50, and $25) awarded to nonstudent members of the Section who attend the meeting. Student members of the American Chemical Society have full voting priviliges in Section busiiness and we particulaly want to encourage their participation in this process so three gift certificates ($75, $50 and $25) will be awarded to student members who attend the meeting.  The door prizes will not be awarded if we do not have a quorum at the meeting. 



Please look over the proposed bylaws. Please send any questions or comments to Gary Anderson at



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