American Chemical Society
Central Ohio Valley Section

May 2014 Meeting

Student Summer Research Kickoff Symposium


Friday, May 23, 2014

12:20 pm
Marshall University Science Building, Room 465

Pizza will be provided

Each student researcher will present a 1-2 slide overview of his/her summer research plans. Each presenter will be given 3-5 minutes to present. The idea is to introduce others to the projects students will be pursuing this summer.

While most of the presentations will be by students at Marshall University, students from other schools are invited to participate. Any students who wish to participate should contact Dr. Derrick Kolling at for details about how to get on the program.

We invite all members of the section to come by and learn what local students are doing this summer.


Revision of Section's Bylaws

The Section's Bylaws were last revised in 1977. There have been many changes in the national bylaws in that time period so we really need to update our bylaws. Updating our bylaws could open up the possibility of electronic ballots. Also, ACS has changed things related to student members so we need to address how the Section wants to address any local issues related to that. There are many other things that need to be updated.

The Executive Committee has started the process. It would appear that we need to essentially throw out the old bylaws and draft a new set based on the model bylaws provided by the ACS Constitution and Bylaws Committee. Proposed new bylaws have been prepared. These proposed bylaws have been unanimously approved by the Executive Committee and they have been submitted to the national Constitution & Bylaws Committee as the next step in the process of getthing the changes approved.. Once we have approval from C&B we will need to have a vote of the members of the Section. The model bylaws provided by C&B include explanations of why some things have to be done certain ways. The proposal includes language that would allow electronic balloting, student members serving as section officers, and would provide a mechanism that might make it possible to get more people involved in Section governance. A version of the proposal that shows changes from the existing bylaws has also been posted.

Please look over the proposed bylaws. Please send any questions or comments to Gary Anderson at




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